Land Surveying

All development endeavors, whether for land sale transactions or for development of a project, have Land Surveying as a vital cornerstone.  Since no planning or design process is ever any better than the data upon which it is based, beginning with a quality land survey that meets or exceeds governmental and technical requirements is a critical component to success!   MTG is committed to provision of quality Public Land Surveying services, as evidenced by our having providing these services to our Clients throughout our history.

Land Surveying efforts are tailored to the specific needs of our Clients and may optionally include:
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys;
  • Large & Small Boundary Surveys;
  • Route Surveys;
  • Subdivision Lot Surveys;
  • GPS Surveys;
  • Topographical Surveys;
  • Right-of-way and easement acquisition surveys;
  • Aerial and Mapping Control Surveys; and
  • Construction Surveys.