Waste Management of Texas – New Boston Landfill


The New Boston Landfill is an active Type I Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Facility (Permit No. MSW 576B) owned by Western Waste of Texas, LLC and operated by Waste Management of Texas, Inc. (WMTX).

The New Boston Landfill was originally opened and operated by the City of New Boston in 1968. The New Boston Landfill was permitted by the State of Texas on June 27,1983 as Permit No. MSW 576. The City operated the facility until 1990, when Western Waste Industries, Inc. acquired the landfill. The facility was upgraded to Subtitle D standards on February 6, 1995. A vertical expansion of the New Boston Landfill was permitted on April 24, 1996, as Permit No. MSW 576A. The New Boston Landfill was purchased by Waste Management, Inc. in 1997 as part of the acquisition of Western Waste Industries, Inc. The landfill permit boundary was expanded from 94.6 acres to a total of 97.1 acres, and the waste disposal footprint to a total of 53.9 acres, via Permit No. MSW 576B, which was issued on December 12, 2002. The New Boston Landfill is currently operating under the 2002 permit requirements and any subsequent modifications or authorizations but has submitted a permit application to expand the facility to the east.